Thrust Ball Bearings


Single-direction thrust ball bearings are composed of washer-like bearing rings with raceway grooves. The ring attached to the shaft is called the shaft washer (or inner ring) while that attached to the housing is called the housing washer(or outer ring).
In double-direction thrust ball bearings, there are three rings with the middle one (center ring) being fixed to the shaft.
There are also thrust ball bearings with an aligning seat washer beneath the housing washer in order to compensate for shaft misalignment or mounting error.
Pressed steel cages are usually used in the smaller bearings and machined cages in the larger ones.

IFBearing – Offering Selection and Superior Performance

Your success depends on the performance of your equipment, especially when it faces harsh environments and high radial loads. To keep your uptime high and downtime low, turn to IFBearings.

Industry Presence

IFBearing ball bearings & roller bearings effectively reduce friction and help transmit power in applications like:

• Power generation

• Oil fields

• Gear drives

• Metals construction

• Aggregate processing

• Rolling mills

• Wheel-end planetaries

• Wind energy

• Other industrial equipment

The IFBearing Difference

Cooler operating temperatures. High durability. Longer-lasting performance. A wide range of sizes. Our brand stands for high quality, reliability, and outstanding performance. Your applications may run better, produce more and experience improved uptime when equipped with IFBearing ball bearing & roller bearings. As a result, you see a reduction in overall operating costs.

Each bearing is backed by a skilled team of global experts, providing you with the industry’s best design, application knowledge and 24/7 field-engineering support.

Design Features

Featuring premium cages, unique internal geometries, enhanced surface textures and compact designs, these bearings meet or exceed expectations for longer bearing life.

IFBbearing Certificates

Ensuring quality

The quality of our materials is just as important as our designs in helping machines run more efficiently. We’re the only bearing manufacturer in the world that makes our own steel. By using clean, high-alloy steel in our ball & roller bearings, we can ensure the overall quality of our product. We also implement our Worldwide Quality Standards in our manufacturing facility so that each bearing meets the same performance standards.

Product Offering

You can select products from a complete line of high-performance ball & roller bearings. Our product line includes full-complement, one-, two- and four-row designs, all developed to meet your application requirements. Sizes range from 60 mm (2.5591 in.) to 2000 mm (78.7402 in).


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